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Outlaw Pottery Kiln Repair Payment Policy & Repair Schedule Process

for School Systems, Corporations, Institutions & Individuals

To download a PDF file of this policy, click Outlaw Pottery Kiln Repair Payment Policy & Repair Schedule Process for School Systems, Corporations, Institutions & Individuals.pdf.

Jason Outlaw, the Florida Kiln Doctor, is a factory trained and registered kiln technician.  Outlaw Pottery is an authorized vendor in most school systems throughout Florida.  If you would like to add us to your school system’s vendor list, email the required forms to Rosalie Outlaw at info@outlawpottery.com.

Outlaw Pottery, LLC is an authorized dealer for Olympic Kilns, Evenheat, Skutt, Paragon, Excalibur, Laguna, Excel, Amaco and L&L Kilns.  Custom parts may be made for out-of-business kiln manufacturers.

Kiln Diagnostic

  1. Outlaw Pottery requires that all kiln diagnostic service call fees are paid on-site in person at the time the work is completed.  The charge for a kiln diagnostic is dependent on your county’s proximity to Brevard County. Call Rosalie Outlaw at 321-292-0762 for a quote.

  2. If you require an invoice from Outlaw Pottery with a specific date or purchase order number referenced in order to process a check prior to the diagnostic in order to have payment ready, we will be happy to email you a customized invoice per your request.

  3. The kiln must be cold and empty in order for Jason to performa a diagnostic.  He can not touch hot kilns or unload pottery, ceramics, kiln furniture, etc. from kilns.

  4. Schools and Institutions:  You MUST have a knowledgeable staff member available the day of Jason’s appointment who can take him to all related electrical panel rooms, fuse boxes and show him the routing of the conduit so he can visually inspect and check the specifications for the wire gauge, proper fuse size and distance of wiring to kiln rooms.  Each kiln manufacturer has required minimum electrical specifications that must be met.

Kiln Parts

  1. Once Jason Outlaw, the Florida Kiln Doctor, diagnoses the kiln, you will be emailed a quote for parts and labor.  Once you notify us that you wish to move forward with your kiln repair, we will email you an invoice for parts.

  2. All kiln parts are ordered directly from a kiln manufacturer for your specific kiln and are non-refundable.  Therefore, all kiln part invoices must be pre-paid. 

  3. Once Outlaw Pottery receives your payment for kiln parts, we will order the parts from the manufacturer. 

  4. As soon as kiln parts are received (within one to two weeks, depending on the location of your kiln manufacturer), we will contact you to set an appointment to complete the kiln repair.

Labor for Repairs

  1. Payment for labor is due the day Jason Outlaw completes your repairs before he leaves your premises.

Electrical Requirements

  1. Each kiln manufacturer has required minimum electrical specifications for each kiln.  If those specifications are not met by your facility, you are required to have that work upgraded by a licensed electrician.  Outlaw Pottery is not responsible for a facility’s inadequate electrical system. Improper electrical specifications will damage kilns, make them malfunction, and create excessive wear on wiring and all electronic components of the kiln.

Payment Method: Outlaw Pottery accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Make checks payable to:      Outlaw Pottery, LLC, 3475 N US 1, Unit 2, Cocoa, FL 32952

For more information on Outlaw Pottery, visit www.outlawpottery.com or www.floridakilnrepair.com